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NASSCOM Enterprise Mobility Initiative (NEMi)

NASSCOM, the leading Global Trade Organization, announces the launch of Nasscom Enterprise Mobility Initiative.

With advent of high speed communication protocols and enabled devices, the paradigm has changed in 21st century. Today, enterprises are highly networked and like to be more ‘Customer Focussed’. This tireless lunacy for Customer Connect is driving Enterprise to be on Field, on Foot and MOBILE.

Transitioning to a mobile environment asks for more agility and complexity digestion than can be imagined. Security is yet another aspect which is getting higher on C-suite agenda with adoption of cloud. But nothing has been more evolutionary in recent times, than ‘MOBILE’, in terms of Customer reach, Customer convenience and Customer retention. Enterprises have tremendously adopted and adapted to this new channel and are continuously evolving marketing campaigns specific to this new genre.

Tracking this adoption trend, NASSCOM is leading the wave front to aggregate the best practices, capture data trends, share knowledge and acknowledge innovation in Mobile market space. This high visibility initiative will be hatched into platform to project Indian Industry’s cutting edge competitiveness and innovation driven differentiation. A diverse and acumen group has been empanelled to drive the initiative forward.

Objective of Enterprise Mobility initiative (EMi)
• Create awareness and adoption of new breed Enterprise Mobility technologies.
• Recognize service/product readiness of Indian intellect at global scale
• Deliberate the industry and confluence solution providers
• Promote innovation as roadmap for Mobility as focus area

The Initiative will be transition into Industry Forum and will be driving research, debate and innovative practices.