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The Power Of Idea – India’s Biggest Startup Search

The Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), IIM Ahmedabad, our MoMo Ahmedabad Partner, proudly presents the 2012 edition of India’s largest start up search program- The Power of Ideas. The Economic Times, Department of Science and Technology and CIIE have once again partnered to continue the efforts of strengthening the Indian start up ecosystem.
The program aspires to identify and support the most innovative idea and early stage enterprises and support them through mentoring, incubation support, cash awards and seed funding. This year the corpus of the program has been increased to a total of INR 6.2 crore with 4 crore marked for seed funding and INR 2.2 crore to be disbursed as cash awards.  The program is sector agnostic and hence wide variety of start ups (including non tech start ups) can benefit from it.

To know more about the programme: www.ideas.economictimes.com
To participate in the programme: www.ideas.economictimes.com/participate. 

The deadline for submission of the Business Summary Format is June 25, 6pm.

If you have a specific query/feedback about the programme, share it with us or contact:
Economic Times: [email protected]
CIIE : [email protected]