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Mac Widget: Emit SMS


 Do you find sending SMS time consuming?

 Do you type faster on computer keyboard as compared to SMS typing?

 I recently found a a cool Mac Widget – EmitSMS. Here are the Quick Steps to sending an SMS:

1. Go To Dashboard
2. Type Number / Name in Widget
3. Type Your Message (Copy Paste Address, Bank Account Numbers etc.) 
4. Click Send!

You are done….It is very simple and effective.

Download It

One Caveat: This is not a ‘Send Free SMS’ widget. It just sends message from your phone through Bluetooth. 

6 Responses

  1. Hi

    There are sites who offer free sms service. The widget looks good but same can be done through Nokia PC suite which is connected through bluetooth. It also offers integration of your contact book. One just need to select the contacts, type the message and it goes!

  2. Pratik

    Correct observation. However, Nokia PC Suite does not work with Mac. Poor Mac users have to find turnarounds for doing the most common tasks.

    Many manufacturers have not thought beyond Windows support. Nokia introduced Sync for Mac only a few summers back.

    I do not like Free SMS service as the ad comes along with the message. Also, the message is not very personal.

  3. Will try .

  4. Kirti is using Mac? Wonderful. I feel like Ashok should use FreeBSD then 😉

  5. exactly this A Blog Less Ordinary » Blog Archive » Mac Widget: Emit SMS is really nice.
    I came through one more jokesmsquote.com

  6. Please tell how can i add sms widget for my blog Careerpath and coolabhi home

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