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YouTube’s Cool Features

I have recorded lots of videos of my son, Aditya. However, in some of the videos, the background sound was too loud. I tried a few software on Macintosh but I was not happy. Either the file became very heavy or the result was not satisfactory. 

I tried YouTube and was very happy to note that I could replace background disturbance and add some cool music. And guess what, no copyright issues no sound track chosen!








Then, I saw other new features. The most important feature I noticed was the Video Annotation. It allowed you to pause. It allowed you to make a bubble note. Very important and very handy for explaining things or making pitches. 








YouTube also has added other features like InSight where you can track the popularity of the video. You have option to allow people to embed the video etc. 








All in all, Youtube’s cool features allow amateurs to do more. It meets the needs of common user very effectively. 

The following is the result of my experiments.