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Emotional vs Rational Reasons In Sales

BNet is one of my favorite online joints. 

Recently, I came across an interesting post on Sales Machine by Geoffrey James – Do Customers Buy For Emotional Reasons?

My views on the topic are:

Everyone acknowledges the role of subjective factors in our decisions. Even financial investments are now linked to behavioral factors. Of, course a great value proposition matters. It is a basic requirement. If you do not give me a good value for my money, I will not look at you – even if you are my good pal or neighbor. However, if my basic considerations are met, I would prefer to deal with a known person. After all, its all about relationships. Sales is a quarter to quarter reality, but relationships help us survive our decades!

  1. I agree completely. I would much rather do business with people I know rather than strangers. I pay a little extra for gas because I fill up in my home town, for example. The obverse is true as well. I avoid the local pharmacists because he’s rude, even though it’s more convenient for me to shop nearby.


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