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Sales Super Saturday

Sales Super Saturday is a special training and knowledge-sharing event organized to sharpen the saw. The idea is to unwind from daily routine, look at larger picture, evaluate sales organization, address gaps and have lots of fun. The event is held on third Saturday of every month.

Sales Super Saturday has been a great success in promoting team spirit and shared vision. Sales Super Saturday has a special format:

1. Knowledge Presentations by Team Members covering Sales and Non-Sales Areas.
2. Group Discussions on Sales Function, Sales Cycle, Organizational Events and Trends
5. Guest Sessions by Cross-Functional Teams
4. Luncheons with One Question Funda
5. Sales Movies & Interesting Videos
6. Games & Exercises

No laptops. No cell talks. No distractions.

Please find the snapshots of an offsite Sales Super Saturday:

Sales Super Saturday – Offsite

So what actually Happens in Sales Super Saturday? See two comments:

Comment 1:
A great event pulled together for best utilizing the Saturday! It was a super Saturday indeed.
I’m sure that Kunal’s session on lead generation will bring up everyone’s skill sets at par in capturing the right contacts for prospecting efforts. Also appreciated the expert inputs from Parag on using Google in the best way.
The presentation & interaction on Customer Service from Umeshbhai was also a great way to get insight on how customer service never ends! Though Sales People are the torch bearers of customer service it is equally important to get support from every corner of the organization. Getting the live case studies from Umeshbhai like the Air India, Barcelona Stock exchange and Railway explained how customers challenges should be mapped and how the proposing the right solution will help in winning a relationship with the customer.
Just as we thought that we just had the best, the sales videos came in as a fun way to have a new paradigm of the mistakes happens during sales. I was undoubtedly sure that videos were handpicked very carefully. We shall not forget How important it is to “listen” to your prospects?
Post the gala luncheon, the brainstorming session was everyones delight, as finally the sales guys were allowed to do what they love… talk! Talk! And TALK! As mentioned, we look forward to a next session soon!
Hope everyone were able to connect one’s self with the story of Chris Gardner (Will Smith) in “The Pursuit of Happiness”! Lets try the Rubic’s cube trick on your next sales call 😉
Three Cheers to Sales Team!!!

Comment 2:

I read this below agenda as a perfect case study of a Salesperson – looking to crack a first deal and needs desperately.
9:30 – 10:00 : Kunal – Lead Generation Tips – Salesperson identifies leads using his lead generation skills
10:00 – 12:00 : Customer Service by Umeshbhai – Salesperson is well-versed with Customer Service basis (Most IMP), but it still important to keep in mind, every time.  
12:00 – 13:30 : Sales Videos – Diff Sales Areas – Salesperson prepares himself for a Sales pitch, after referring some sales videos and past experiences
13:30 – 15:00 : Lunch Treat @ Dasprakash – Salesperson meets client at the schedule venue and trying to sell.
15:00 – 16:00 : Open Q & A – Improving Effectiveness Of ISPL Sales, Good To Great – Salesperson certainly had a good lunch, but not lucky to get a deal. He is trying to figure out WHY?
16:00 – 18:00 : Movie – One Of The Best Sales Movies – Bcoz of many failures, Salesperson is losing his confidence. Salesperson’s Supervisor plans to go for a movie that helps Salesperson to get motivated and rebuild.
18:00 – 18:30 : Learnings, Next Steps, Action Items, Closing Remarks – Salesperson is now charged up and plans for next day. He resumes again and gets ready for another Sales call.

Like every good concept, Sales Super Saturday has its planning and feedback cycle. A lot of brainstorming is collectively done by the team for the same as it is an area of common interest.