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Qala Review: Visually Spectacular Musical Pyschodrama

Qala Review: Visually Spectacular Musical Pyschodrama

Qala – Where Guru Dutt meets Bhansali meets Vikramditya Motwane!

Qala is a work of art! Picture perfect frames, scintillating music, brilliant acting and empathetic treatment make Qala a great watch!

Qala is the story Qala Manjushree – a famous Bollywood singer and winner of Golden Vinyl record, who is struggling with parental disdain and personal guilt. She has unbridled ambitions in a highly misogynistic society and she actualises her dreams with intriguing choices. The pyrrhic victory takes an epic toll on her. She shines outside but is burning within. She is calm but broken within.

Triptii is the perfect choice for Qala who shows fragility, ambition, vulnerability, guilt, jealousy, hurt, power and many other colours in a single canvass. She constantly reminded me of Natalie Portman’s Black Swan act – only with Organza Sarees and high neck quarter sleeve blouses.

Swastika Mukherjee is equally amazing as Urmila – who had learned the hard realities of life and tells her daughter to work harder in a man’s world. Her apathy to Qala and her affection to Sajan are two sides of the same coin. Stoic Swastika!

Irffan Khan’s son Babil makes a great impact in a brief but significant role. He immerses himself in the character – like his Dad. He and supporting cast uplift the movie.

Full marks to Anvika Dutta for creating a beautiful dark painting with multiple shades. The icy cold Himachal and warm Kolkata are so strikingly different – even the mood and clothing of characters.

Technically brilliant, gorgeously shot and strong direction. Loved the metaphors – Moth, Mercury, Snowfall, Cuckoo! Moth embraces Organza saree….Strong screenplay. Loved dialogues – “The times change. This is an old trick of time.” “Naam ke aage pandit lagna chahiye, uske peeche bai nahi”.

The brilliant film’s biggest star is the music. What a composer Amit Trivedi has become – each and every song is so impeccable and integral to the story line. Shauq is a masterpiece which convey’s heartbreak while Ghode Pe Sawaar brings nostalgia of the past era. Nirbhau Nirvair is awesome! Magical!

Watch it! What remains with us are handmade painting visuals, mesmerising music, moth motifs, organza sarees and lots of thoughts – Qala is a remarkable movie!

Caveat: A dark movie – not for everyone! Not a masala entertainer or typical Netflix skin and crime thriler! Qala is an acquired taste!