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Masaan: A Cinematic Gem

Masaan is a cinematic gem of 2015. It is a complex multi-layered movie with poetry, pain and beauty. The visually rich movie presents the intertwined stories of four lives stuck in Varanasi – the place of liberation for majority of Indians.

The highly stimulating movie presents Varanasi in a completely different light. This is not the Varanasi of Lonely Planet. This is the Varanasi of its forgotten and unseen people – the different people who make up this city. The struggle between the traditional Varanasi eco-system and the rising modernity within the city. The city where millions find gateway from life and where Youtube, Facebook are changing lives.

The main character of the movie is Devi – Richa Chadda. Her plan to kill her curiosity goes haywire and her boyfriend commits suicide. A shamelessly corrupt cop exploits the situation and her father is forced into a ransom overdrive. He uses a young child for meeting the unjust demands of the cop. But the movie’s main plot is overtaken by the show-stealer Deepak – Vicky Kaushal. He is the son of the dom – corpse burners. In the day he studies engineering and in the night he helps his family meet the ends. He falls in love with the high caste, poetry-loving Shaalu. The tender-sweet love story and chemistry is heart-warming. The caste barrier presents an interesting challenge to their love story.

The movie is about redemption, rebellion and societal changes. Devi finds her way out and moves ahead after practical and emotional closure. Shaalu is ready to run away and not accept societal rules.

Movie’s rich story is matched by the great cinematography, which is a great character in itself. The different shades of Ganga, the pyres or the balloons rising in the festival skylight – all beautifully captured. The music is awesome. The lyrics of Dushyant Kumar – Tu Kisi Rail Si Gujarti Hai, Main Kisi Pool Sa Thartharata Hoon – very thoughtful, moving and philosophically apt for the movie.

Neeraj Gheywan delivers a stunning movie on Varun Grover’s world-class script. Masaan is a must-watch !