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Why MoMo Ahmedabad?

Why Should Mobile Companies Join MoMo Ahmedabad? Rajnikant Joshi answer the question !

In Ahmedabad, most of the companies working in mobile domain are either small or medium scale firms. To survive or progress with the continuous changes in the mobile domain, one needs inputs from many directions and perspectives. Globally, Mobile Monday has been conceived to fulfill that requirement, and Ahmedabad chapter intends to inherit and replicate the same concept.

Why should one get involved with Mobile Monday ? We have identified Top Ten Reason why a mobile software service or product company working or interested in mobile domain should associate with a Mobile Monday event.

1. Mobile Monday provides a platform to demonstrate their solution or idea to local community. This helps them to evolve as a local brand.
2. Mobile Monday is a better place for networking.
3. Mobile Monday is a platform to discuss and brainstorm on ideas, which can give them opinion from many different perspectives. Important point to note over here is, Intellectual Discussion could be Eureka Moment of product for any company.
4. Mobile Monday workshop and training program helps them to be ready for next level of challenges, in this fastest changing domain of technology.
5. Mobile Monday helps small companies to find better investors.
6. Mobile Monday arranges stimulating discussion and enlightening talks talk which are delivered by experts of different domains. Such expert talk from the industry leader can help small companies to identify/justify their path and position for progress. Expert talk can clear many myth that company is having for the industry.
7. Mobile Monday community is a platform for small companies to find best of the talent from industry.
8. Mobile Monday improves the maturity of the companies in the city by providing common platform for all to discuss, share and demonstrate them self.
9. Mobile Monday community helps small companies to define/redefine the road map for the progress by learning from and discussing with community members.
10. Over all Mobile Monday gives a complete picture of industry standards, trends, study and forecast of mobile market.

Global Mobile Monday community has created a name for itself in the industry and is a highly respected movement. Being a part of the community will allow a company to connect with all the global members of this community.

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