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I was introduced to RangDe‘s Ramakrishna by Pinstorm‘s Mahesh Murthy. And how glad I am to see another great embodiment of sensitive social entrepreneurship! Thanks Mahesh for the introductions!

RangeDe.org aims to  make low cost microcredit a reality. RangDe is a non-profit peer to peer micro-lending portal. 

RangDe.Org Film from rahulchittella on Vimeo.

RangDe is another great opportunity for people to give back to society. The loan seekers are people who can make a difference to their business with the help of this social investment. The investor also earns a nominal interest on the laon disbursed. Thus it is not a charity. It is an assistance. 

RangDe collects the money and gives it to their pre-screened field partners (NGOs).  You have the option to give it to specific borrower or let RangDe disburse the money. You can also have contact with the borrower. 

I am sure Mahesh would have written about this great concept in his hugely hit column on Business word and Business Today. RangDe is indeed a great initiative ! Let us spread the word. Let us use it to transform lives!

Three cheers to Ramakrishna and his team ! You are doing a great service! Keep it up!

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  1. I met RangDe people at BarCampAhmedabad2. At that time RangDe website was not opening up, so I never talked about it to anyone 😛

  2. Smita
    | Reply

    Sorry about that Kartik. Hope you have a better experience now!!

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