Can Aamir Khan Change India?
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Can Aamir Khan Change India?

Trust Aamir Khan to break the mould and challenge the environment. The Marketing Genius with a Midas Touch has once again attempted to change the game. This time he wants India and Indians to change. A formidable challenge – but even if he changes one Indian, it is worth the effort. Atleast he is being a part of change, rather than being an arm-chair spectator.

Aamir Khan’s foray in National Television ‘Satyameve Jayate‘ has all the right ingredients. A national topic. A problem that is stopping India from becoming a Shining India. The opening topic was the issue of female foeticide. The topic was given complete justice and all perspectives of the issue were covered. The ‘Call to Action’ was the petition and the donation. The huge awareness to the cause is a great service as well.

Aamir’s marketing mind ensured that all the Star Properties and Doodarshan ensure that India does not miss the message. His collaborations with Airtel, Axis Bank and Reliance Foundation are the best advertisements for the power of marketing. Donate money to the causes via Airtel SMS. Donate Money via Online or Branch Banking at Axis Bank. Reliance Foundation matches the donations of the Indians.

The idea is great. The causes will be relevant to growing India. He is doing the right thing. Can he bring Jasmine Revolution to India? Can he change the indifferent Indians? Can he change the social thinking? He is using all his prowess, popularity and intelligence Good ideas need good luck and good support. Let us support him in our own way – time, effort, support and money!

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  1. This really is a great & brave idea as it is also putting a direct question mark on our governments & Judiciary system. One comment in the show was by the lawyer of the lady from ahmedabad about the reaction of the judge & it was really shocking…The best part was the statement from the poor lady near IIM A road it simply said it all…

  2. admin

    Yes. Equally shocking was the case of the Doctor in Delhi with the most educated family of in-laws. It also showed the biggest enemy of women are women only.

  3. kuldeep.kalonia

    Bharat ki do tasvir!

    (1) ilaj k liye Rs.250 nahi hone se bachha mar jata hai

    (2) ye baat batane k liye Aamir Khan Rs.5 lakh har minute ki Fees leta hai !


    dabba kr paisa chap ho yaar .. lege rehoo bhai… acha time hai aapka