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Movember – Let’s Talk Men’s Health

Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota!

Really? Think Again!

The modern life is full of deadlines, challenges and stress. We are always busy and there is always so much to do! Health is the first casualty of such an ‘always on’ lifestyle! Family, relationships and hobbies are next in line, all of which has an impact on mental health.

Lack of sleep and anxiety are a common part of corporate life today. Depression, suicidal tendencies,  cancer and heart-related issues are the more serious health challenges men face today.

Has life to be this way? Let’s take a pause.

Pahel Team has brought the Movember challenge to Infostretch. Movember is a leading charity that is focussed on changing the face of men’s health. The idea is to start talking about Men’s health issues and create an overall awareness.

When the supremely talented and amazing Geetanjali Sahni challenged me for the Movember challenge, I readily accepted it. The Rockstar believes that men’s health is not just a subject for man alone. It affects the whole society including family, friends and workplace. And men need health classes, nutrition and counselling – just as much as women! Very True! 

And I equally pleased that Aparajito and Heeren Panchal join Team Geetanjali – she is as much a tough taskmaster as she is an electrifying cheerleader. Aparajito has been my partner in crime in converting ideas into beautiful designs. Our creative jugalabandi will help us in Movember as we all create more awareness of Men’s health issues.

It’s Mo Time – Let it Grow!

Let’s change the face of men’s health!

Investing in our health is the best gift to ourselves, our loved ones and the world around us! Dead men cannot create sustainable success or spread happiness!