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Infostretch – Picture Abhi Baaki Hai!

Time for the next orbit of growth and success!

Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division and Everstone Group (Everstone) have signed a definitive agreement to acquire a significant stake in Infostretch. The investment will help accelerate the company’s business growth and expand its digital engineering service offerings for both enterprise and digital native companies. 

Congratulations Rutesh, Manish, Manish, Shalin & Team Infostretch!

The is a vindication of the great vision, commitment to customer’s success, unrelenting pursuit of excellence, inspiring Infostretch family and living our core values! 

Great companies are not built on business plan document or excel sheets – they are built in the trenches – Selling the vision, traveling 20 hours for encouraging team for a new pitch, delivering the promise at all costs, writing the automation scripts, proof-reading the documents, cleaning the coffee mugs, dead serious preparation for dance shows and prioritising the ‘giving back’ cause! Rutesh & Manish have done this all and more – I and other core members have had the privilege of working alongside them!

Rutesh, Manish and Manish have created the strong foundation with their hard work and values. The customer first mantra is seen in their in-built quest for better value proposition and exceeding expectations. The bias for innovation and passion for leveraging technology for customer problems has been a way of life. Respect, growth opportunities, attention and care for every Infoneer is something that drives all Infostretch actions and conversations. Infoneers are indeed inspired to stretched – to explore and grow their potential. 

Rutesh, Manish and Manish have taken everyone together! And walked the talk in letter and spirit. The best part of the Infostretch journey is the opportunity to work with such a talented and inspiring extended family – Shalin, Siva, Pinakin, Kanhai, Vipul, Pal, Leila, Avery, Yaten, Mike, Herpreet, Sachin. And the wonderful connect and warm interaction with the family members including Mona, Ketki and Nisha is special – Truly it has been an amazing joyride with awesome friends and family. 

I am really delighted that all these wonderful things will be grown exponentially. The platform is getting bigger and the opportunities even bigger!

Time to cheer! 

Time to celebrate! 

Time to recommit to our goals and values!

Time to get ready for the next milestones!

Milestones like these indeed ignite nostalgia! I fondly recollect the journey of 11 years at Infostretch – an interesting, a defining and definitely a delightful decade of learning, growing and having fun. I still remember the day I first entered Infostretch and was delighted to see the picture of Mahatma Gandhi and the quote. Being a Gandhi fan, I immediately felt that I was at the right place and then interactions with Manish Mistry, Shalin Shah, Vipul Jani etc cemented the feeling of being at home. I won the first project on Day 3 and we bagged more projects in next few weeks and the caravan rolled on. And within first few months, I realised that the entrepreneur in me can live and thrive in Infostretch environment – I just got a bigger platform. 

The acquisition of new clients, maturing of business model, scouting and opening of UK office, shifts to different office at Regency, Sigma and finally Infostretch house are all entrenched strongly in the memory. Equally entrenched are those Thanksgiving visits to US and wonderful time with families of Rutesh, Manish and Manish. The pre-sales, demand generation, marketing support, Government projects and other activities grew the repertoire of activities. Sales Super Saturday, Filmy Friday, Thirsty Thursday, Mobile Monday, Hot Seat, Koffee Sessions, Infostretch Cricket League, Infostretch Ignite (Pahel) etc. added to the beauty of life at Infostretch. My thoughts are flowing and I cannot stop myself – but stop I must as we celebrate this special moment!

The Infostretch Journey has been an amazing journey. Infostretch brought sunshine, learning, growth, memories and friends for life! The wisdom, living my entrepreneurial passion, freedom to share thoughts without fear, working on special initiatives and opportunity to make a difference are things that I cherish. Looking forward to the fantastic future times where we continue to scale our visions and dreams together. Looking forward to even more exciting times ahead! 

As they say in Bollywood, ‘Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!’