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Kumble : The End Of An Era

Anil Kumble announced his retirement on Sunday. A sad day, but this day had to come.

I have special admiration for Anil Kumble. He is the man of character. He is the man of values. He is the man with competitive spirit. He is the man of courage.

He is a great role model for everyone – across sports, across countries. A perfect gentleman.

I remember his bowling in Antigua against West Indies with a broken jaw. That is commitment.
I remember his bowling in Kotla against Pakistan where he got perfect 10 wickets. That is excellence.

He was never involved in any ego-clash, controversies in 19 long years. That is character.

Kumble. A special era has ended with you. It was privilege watching you. It will take time and class to reach to your standards.

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3 Responses

  1. Pratik

    This was an end to an outstanding career of 19 years.

    Though he was good at bowling and was a man of character and values i didn’t admire his captaincy. He was a good cricketer and a sportsman but not so good of a captain

    but still salute him for his contribution to India and Cricket. he will enter the hall of fame of Cricket and will be remembered for years

    wishing him all the best

  2. I think he is wise and announced retirement before thrown out by monkey selectors!