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Gastronomic Adventures In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad has got several amazing restaurants and I am discovering them one by one. On Saturday evening, I visited Vishalla with Kunjal, Neha and Komal. I was excited about visiting one of the most famous restaurants of Ahmedabad.

Vishalla has the traditional village like look. Vishalla did not use few electric lights and relied more on Fanas Light and other traditional light sources. There were traditional CHARPAIS and other ethnic artefacts. There were village Julas, Machans etc.

As we entered, we were greeted and led to the Manoranjan area. We enjoyed wonderful songs including my favorite Gujarati Ghazal – Nayan Ne Band Rakhi Ne and Gujarati Garbo. We also saw Valambhai’s artistic skills as we drank Hajmahajam drink. We also enjoyed wonderful puppetry

Pictures here!

Then we were led to the dining area. We sat down on the floor. There was this huge wooden table. The following was the food that we relished:
1. Bajri No Rotla
2. Makai Na Rotla
3. Bhakri
4. Methi Na Thepla
5. Makhan
6. Khichdi
7. Kadhi
8. Batata Nu Saak
9. Kacha Kela Ane Karela Nu Shaak
10. Panner Mutter Shaak
11. Kabuli Chana
12. White Dhokla
13. Gulab Jamun
14. Sukhdi – Wonderful – The best ever Sukhdi
15. Supporting Items – Green Chutney, Garlic Chutney, Papads, Chaas, Salads, Pickles

We ate and ate. Kunjal, Neha, Komal and I had filled our stomachs but there was room in our hearts. Sukhdi was the best that we had tasted. After the food, we were served with fruits and then ice-cream. We ate paan and discussed books, friends, Ahmedabad etc. We lazily rested on the Charpai. We left at 11 after spending joyful moments for stomach and heart at Vishalla.

During my last visit, I had visited another famous ethnic joint Rajvadu near Nirma. The restaurant combined the love of books with wonderful traditional food. Food for soul and food for body – at the same place. There were lovely quotations and cut out of prominent Guajrati writers like Gunvant Shah, Chandrakant Bakshi etc. Books were also on sale. We enjoyed the evening there.

Ahmedabad has seen opening of more exciting restaurants and concepts especially on S G Highway. Agashiye, Aadhar, Grand Bhagwati, Flavor are next on my Radar. Now that I am here for a few days, I am doing my best to combine gastronomic adventures with commercial ventures.

So far, I have completed the following joints of Ahmedabad in last one year – Rajvadu, Vishala, Honest, Oshwal, Cinemasala, McDonalds, U S Pizza, Havmor, Tea Centre, Sankalp, Saffron, Saasuji, Swati Snacks, Guj Vidyapeeth Canteen, Sumangalam, Ahmedabad Railway Station Canteen, Kankaria Food Street, Law Garden Food Street, Vastrapur Lake Food Joint, TGB, Choice etc.

Ahmedabad has also seen opening of huge malls. Himalaya Mall, 10 Acres etc are the new additions. On Friday Evening, we visited the latest entrant – Iscon Mega Mall. It is Gujarat’s largest mall with 450,000 Sq Ft Area. Most of the shops are not yet open. The mall should be functional by Aug 15. Reliance Mart is setting up its herculean hypermarket operations here.

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  1. Knowing about vishalla from your blog and as now I am shifting to Ahmadabad, I would love to visit vishalla.

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