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Ahmedabad Among Forbes’ List Of 19 Fastest Growing Cities

Forbes Magazine has listed Ahmedabad as one of the fastest growing cities. Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai are the three Indian cities to be listed in “The Next Decade’s Fastest Growing Cities’ list.

Forbes Report says:

India, although not by plan, also is experiencing a boom in once relatively obscure cities. Its rising urban centers include Bangalore (home of Infosys and Wipro), Ahmedabad (whose per-capita incomes are twice that of the rest of India) and Chennai (which has created 100,000 jobs this year).

Ahmedabad is the largest metropolitan region in Gujarat, perhaps the most market-oriented and business-friendly of Indian states. Gujarat’s policies helped lure away the new Tata Nano plant from West Bengal (Kolkata) to Sanand, one of Gurajat’s exurbs. One Indian academic, Sedha Menon, compares the state–which has developed infrastructure more quickly than its domestic rivals–with Singapore and parts of Malaysia. Per-capita incomes in Gujarat are more than twice the national average. India’s seventh-largest city has a population of roughly 5.7 million and is expected, according to the U.N., to grow to over 7.6 million by 2025.

One of the frequently asked questions to us at Infostretch is : Why did choose Ahmedabad for such a wonderful business? I hope we have an satisfactory answer !

InfoStretch chose Ahmedabad because we realized it was a growing city. The GenNext talent was improving and they are catching up with the global talent. The Infrastructure like Power, Roads, Connectivity was phenomenal. We have zero power cuts – unheard in India ! The overall business environment and outlook looked positive. We have grown from 20 people company to 160 people company and still growing ! It is indeed Vibrant Gujarat !

Cheers Ahmedabad !

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    Great to know that. And Yes its true.. Ahmedabad is nice city to live. 🙂

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