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Heart and Emotions

Shubhrangshu Roy shares his conversation with Dr Trehan on the topic of heart and emotions.

Dr Trehan says, “if you look at it the way I do, the seat of emotion is the heart. The brain may well send out a signal and that has to be the same for every person, but even medically, if you look at it, the response always differs from heart to heart,” the doc went on.

Which is why when you love someone from the bottom of your heart, it’s the ultimate act of emotion. There is nothing more you can scrape. Which is why when you have a broken heart you feel the pain right in here. Which is why when you have a bleeding heart, it drains you of all your joys right in there. “That’s the ultimate truth,” the heart doc said.

“And what about hate?” I wondered.“I am certain that while love and compassion come straight from the heart, hatred can only come from the head. Right now, I have a lot of hatred in me, but I don’t feel any of that right here.”

Source : This one’s from the heart, stupid! (The Economic Times, Oct 26 2005)