Paryushan 2015 – A Big Test For Jainism
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Paryushan 2015 – A Big Test For Jainism

It is always interesting to note how we find issues and get ourselves busy and play into the hands of politicians. And allow them to deviate attention from the real issues.

Jainism believes in Truth, Ahimsa (Non-Violence), Anekantavad (Respecting Diverse Perspectives) besides Aparigriha (Non-Posession). Jainism strongly supports right faith, right knowledge and right conduct.

Today Jain friends are dragged into the unnecessary controversy – the truth is being ignored and so right knowledge maybe not visible. Non-violence is practiced in thoughts, deeds and real actions – but our minds are being weakened as we experience emotions over the controversy. Certain miscreants went further and committed objectionable actions in front of temples to incite further passions. And this angered many Jain friends as it was designed to create further problems.

Paryushan is the festival of forgiveness and festival of introspection. Jina is one who conquers inner enemies of ego, pride, anger, deceit, hatred and greed amongst other evils. In that sense, Paryushan 2015 is our biggest test !