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The One Thing To Discard In The ‘Next Normal’

The One thing that I am hoping we won’t go back to “next normal”:  

Super-busy life: The myth of busy life being a productive life. 

In our pursuit of productivity and performance, we had downplayed the simple pleasures of life. We were prioritising people, tasks and activities. We wanted to optimise and maximise everything. We felt guilty of spending time on ourselves. These acts were counter-productive – they damaged us and our organisations more than helping with better results. I hope we do not take this habit to “next normal”.

Let us discover the joy of a balanced and complete life – not just a busy life. The freedom to set our own clock and calendar. The importance of real connect with people. The happiness of discovering strong bonds with family and friends. The joy and meaning we get from catching up with our passions and inner desires. The freedom to be in pyjamas. The freedom to do nothing. The freedom to be self. 

Pic: Robert Bye