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Roger Federer: The Art Of Living!

The Art Of Living!

When Your Fiercest & Greatest Rival Cries, You Have Done Something Exceptional!

Watching Roger Federer And Rafael Nadal Cry Will Stay As One Of The Most Indelible Memory Of Recent Sporting History – Like Kumble’s Bowling With A Broken Jaw!

Paeans Have & Will Be Written About Roger Federer – But He Is Much More Than A Tennis Legend! What Steps Him Apart Is His Class, Grace & Elegance! And The Humility!

The Spirt Of Excellence He Brought In Game – Each Stroke As A Perfect Note – Nothing Less, Nothing More! And He Made It Look All So Beautiful & Enchanting!

And What A Great Gesture To Have A Final Match With Nadal – What Will Be Your Swansong?

Thanks Federer For Bringing Joy In Our Lives & Inspiring Millions!

Roger Federer:
The Maestro
The Legend
The Inspiration