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Results Vs Processes !

Every organization has star performers and champions. Quite often these champs have a different way of doing things – they abhor bureaucracy, are passionate about goals and want to get the job done quickly. For them processes are a hurdle. Many IT Geeks I know – they are magicians with code but they just do not want to update the Project Management Software. Or The Sales Dude who exceeds his targets but never updates the CRM or is always late.

As organizations grow, it is important for multiple stake-holders to create sustainable, predictable and light-weight processes which help in an objective, knowledge-rich and manageable growth. Processes require extra effort and attention in the short-run but they help in the long run. It needs the support of top management in form of leading the processes and communicating the importance of these processes.

I believe that champs will continue to be champs with processes in place – in fact they will know the distance between them and also rans ! So the answer to Results Vs Processes is Results Backed By Processes !

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