The Increasing Tribe Of Graphical Novels !
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The Increasing Tribe Of Graphical Novels !

As The Attention Deficit Increases, The Need For Innovative Marketing Medium Increases. How Do We Engage The Audience Better Is A Key Question? How Do We Ensure Stickiness?

The World Is Moving Towards Video And Images. An Important Trend Has Been Graphical Novel !

Many People Think Graphical Novel Is For Kids. But It Is Finding Increasing Acceptance Across The Board. All Of Us Still Have A Kid In Us. I Still Love My TinTin Comics As Well As Chacha Choudhary Comics. Chandmama Was A Staple Diet.


The Zen Of Steve Jobs Was A First Big Hit For Graphical Novel Movement. Today, It Is A Very Popular Medium. Even Bollywood Movies Have Graphical Novels. Gandhiji’s Auto-Biography Will Be Released In Graphical Novel Form.

I Came Across This In Mint – Produced By Manta Ray. Check Out The Theme Of Our Genius !

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