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Kaalkoot: A Gripping Cop Drama – A Great Watch!

Kaalkoot: A Gripping Cop Drama – Great Watch!

The protagonist Ravi Shankar Tripathi is assigned a case of acid attack on a young Parul Chaturvedi, whose photo he has received recently for a marriage proposal. He is a son of progressive poet and teacher, who has offered to resign due to inability to adjust with the system. Still struggling at his job, he hunts for the culprit and comes across the deep-rooted opinions and perspectives of the people. 

The deep rooted gender bias, patriarchy, misogyny, police system, toxicity, father-son’s difficult relationship, witch hunt of the victim – all are explored very emphatically as Pandora’s box opens slowly! 

Performance par excellence by Vijay Varma – Heart and soul of the movie. The way he transforms himself while realising his limitations and inner demons is phenomenal. Equally rock solid performances by the entire cast. Special mention for Gopal Datt and Yashpal Sharma. Shweta Tripathi and Seema Biswas once again show their class – simply awesome.  

Strong writing and sensitive direction. The music is wonderful and makes a great impact!

A Great Watch – Vijay Varma’s the show stealer!