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‘Jai Ho’ Influences English Language!

‘Jai Ho’ is the new mantra for possibilities across the world. It is everywhere! Thus Danny Boyle’s movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire‘ is influencing English language.

Global Language Monitor (GLM) is an organization that documents, analyzes and tracks trends in language the world over, with a particular emphasis upon Global English. According to it, ‘Jai Ho!’ and ‘Slumdog’ from Slumdog Millionaire top the 2008 list of words from Hollywood that most influenced the English Language in 2008.

Other interesting statistics from 2008 by Global Language Monitor:

Top Words:
1. Change
2. Bailout
3. ObamaMania

Top Phrases:
1. Financial Tsunami
2. Global Warming
3. “Yes, We Can!”

Top Names:
1. Barack Obama
2. George W. Bush
3. Michael Phelps


  1. Its not only influencing English language it is influencing politicians also

    1/ Congress bought the Jai Ho rights
    2/ Narendra Modi using Oscar awards to the movie to criticise Congress. In his speech he said

    ” Oscar ka poora credit Congress Shasan ko jaata hai. Congress hai isliye Mumbai mein slums hai. Slum hai isliye slumdog movie banee, movie banee isliye usse Oscar mila.

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