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Businessman Aamir Khan Wins NDTV, CNBC Awards

Aamir Khan has won the CNBC Outstanding Business Leader Award in the Entertainment Category. Aamir received this award from Shri Mukesh Ambani. Aamir Khan also received the NDTV Indian of The Year Award in Entertainment Category. Akshay Kumar received the Best Actor Award – Popular at Nokia Screen Awards but he conferred the award to Aamir Khan. It was a remarkable gesture by Akshay but it also spoke of Aamir’s new found stature in the Indian industry.

Incidentally, Shri Narendra Modi was also present there and they seemed to have bonded well after the past spat on Narmada Issue.

Ghajini is moving towards 250 crores. Aamir Mania continues….

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  1. mujeeb faruqui
    | Reply

    amir is now ameer also, i like his films and acting but don`t like his comments on shahrukh khan, both are “bemisal”

  2. Agreed Aamir is one of the best entertainer and now a businessman too..He truly deserves all the recognition

    However, I personally didn’t like Akshay disowning the award. He had his view that Aamir is a better actor than him..which most of us agree. That was a personal view and it should not have impacted his decision of not accepting the award and disappointing his fans who think he is the best. After all audience is the king! He should have considered the emotions of his fans behind the award. It was a popular choice award and people had taken pain to vote him as the best actor. He should have accepted the award on their behalf albeit giving his opinion about Aamir.

  3. Aamir Khan works with a sense of dignity and quiet which many people would like to have.

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