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Chhapaak Review: A Courageous Act!

Chhapaak Review: A brave movie that celebrates life and inspires us to keep going! A sensitive portrayal of a barbaric crime against women – which we do not care about! 

The story of Laxmi Agarwal – a teenager who is attacked with acid by an acquaintance for ignoring his advances. The glamorous Deepika glides into the character of a very simple Malti and delivers a strong and sensitive performance. Malti’s trial and tribulations are shown without any melodrama or preachiness – an important point. 

Strong moments exist. The importance of a ‘Jhumka’ (ear-ring) to girl is known but Malti cannot wear it – it hurts!  The first time she sees herself in a mirror and cries – heart-wrenching. Or a lady tells Malti – ‘beauty parlour mein kaam karne ke liye beauty ka hona zaroori hai’. The dialogue that hits me is the one that Malti delivers to her ’special’ friend Amol: ‘Acid aap pe nahin, mujh pe phinka hai. Aur mujhe party karni hai’. Inspiring!

And Gulzar Sahab’s lyrics are awesome, as always! I liked the title track ‘Chhapaak se pehchaan le gaya’ and ‘Khulne do’. Strong supporting act by the lawyer Archanda (Sarghi) and Amol (Massey). Full credit to Deepika Padukone and Meghan Gulzar for making the courageous movie! Respect for people who stand for ideas, stand for causes and stand for something!