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United States Of Pada Ni Pol: A Century Of Light-Hearted Message

United States Of Pada Ni Pol celebrated its 100th show at Ouroboros – The Art Hub. A great milestone as the light-hearted play has succeeded on the strength of word of mouth alone.

Saumya Joshi’s United States Of Pada Ni Pol is a play which celebrates the lives of people living in Pols (cluster of houses). The people living in pols have their lives intertwined and how they help each other. The play delivers the importance of simple life values as it entertains and makes you laugh.

The main protagonist is a senior citizen widow who dreams of visiting United States of America. How the entire community helps her to actualize her dream forms the main crux of the play.

Actress Jigna Dave is a class as she plays the main protagonist Mansi and shares the stage with Prem Gadhvi and Saumya Joshi. The support cast is equally amazing. The play celebrates Ahmedabad and Gujarati language and is a tribute to both of them.

Ouroboros – The Art Hub gives the feeling of Sanjana Kapoor’s Prithvi Theatre to Bombay Souls like me. The connect and bond between artists and audience is complete and it elevates the experience.

The 100th show today also marked the beginning of new tradition – felicitating the real life heroes. The first felicitated Sanjaybhai and his colleagues from Jay Bhim Vividh Lakshmi Trust, Gandhinagar. They may be auto-rickshaw and car drivers, but they are driving the future of many poor kids by opening a school and educating kids.