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Great Ads : Parle-G

The Recent Parle-G Ad is an great example of taking an earlier concept forward and strengthening the positioning.

The Parle-G campaign took off with G Means Genius. The new Ad focuses on childhood and curiosity. It depicts children’s ability to find solutions to problems if they’re given free rein—like a boy flying a plastic kite in a downpour, or a girl drawing a scuba-diver around a fire extinguisher on the wall.

The track for the commercial is a winner : “Roko mat toko mat (Don’t stop, don’t interrupt)”, especially when the singer says, “Ande ke andar hi kaise udenge yaar (How will we take flight if cocooned)?”

A great Ad – smart, wonderful, meaningful, engaging and very very brand-relevant.

I am a big fan of Parle Group. Parle always has been an innovative company. It is behind the biggest brands and creates new products regularly. KissMe, Meldoy, Poppins, Monaca, Hide And Seek, Krackjack, Mango Bite etc. The earlier Parle Group also had Thums-Up, GoldSpot, Citra, Frooti, Bisleri and Bailey among the fold.

2 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, Parle-G’s quality in lower range brand is pathetic. Will you give that al-cheap and teeth-killer KissMe, Melody and Mango Bite to any child? 🙂

  2. Parle’s top products like Mango Bite and KissMe are one of the worst nowadays! 🙁

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