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I visited the site Save The Words today. The concept of the site is indeed wonderful.   People like me who love words, will find it useful and exciting. 

According to LifehackerSave the Words is a website dedicated to keeping underused English language words in the dictionary. Pick an underused word and pledge to save it from extinction.

Lexicographers analyze the frequency of word usage in popular culture and media to decide which new words will go into the dictionary, but they also track the falling popularity of words and opt to remove them. At Save the Words, an initiative of the Oxford English Dictionary, you can browse a wall of rare words, be given a random word, or search for a word to see if it’s in danger of extinction. If you find a word to your liking, adopt it. 


The site has used the RIA technologies to great effect. The look and the feel of the site is cool. The user interface is very smart and pleasing. The site has its heart in the right place. 

  1. malena
    | Reply

    i just adopted my new word:odymeter&Pudify:)

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