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Workshop For Startups – Mr. B.V. Jagadeesh

Startup Saturday Ahmedabad is organizing a Workshop for Startups on Saturday Jul 28, 2012.

Workshop For Startups By Mr. B.V. Jagadeesh

Date: 28th July 2012
Time – 3.00 – 7.00
Venue : CIIE, IIMA Campus
Registration Fee – Rs. 100

Workshop Details:
1. Entrepreneurs Register For The Event Online [ Registrations Closed For Pitches ] 2. Top 3 Startups Get To Pitch To A Large Audience
3. Workshop By Mr. Jagadeesh On The Art Of Pitching And The Nuances Of Running A Business, Using Live Case Studies
4. Mr. Jagadeesh Will Also Take One On One Questions To Help You Find Solutions To Your Business Challenges

Workshop Will Cover:

Peer To Peer / Role-Play
Audience Introduction And Deep Dive Into Ideas Of Those Who Are Looking To Startup Or Have Just Started Up
Listening Skills For An Entrepreneur
·         Listening To The Customer (Pre Sales, After Sales)
·         Co-Creating A Product, Opportunity Recognition And Leveraging One’s Experience, Need For Research And Prototypes
·         Testing The Venture Idea In The Market And With Target Customers
The Art Of Pitching
·         Angel Funding / Vc Firm Funding / Institution Funding
·         Market Valuation – When To Do? What Is Its Goal?
·         Elevator Pitch
·         Product Management
·         Needs And Wants Of Customers
·         Building Sales Team
·         Geographical Expansion
·         Sales Compensation
·         Retaining Your Customers / Get Repeat Orders
Building Executive Teams
Company Case Study
Current Scenario
O   Two Directions
         Product Model
          Service Model
O   Enterprise And Consumer
  Different Models
·         Saas
·         B2B
·         B2C

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