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Shakuntala Devi: The Vidya Balan Show! Vidya-Kasam!

Shakuntala Devi: The Vidya Balan Show! Vidya-Kasam!

The unraveling of personal life of India’s most famous mathemagician Shakuntal Devi – Who tries to get the mathematical equation of life right – Celebrated career vs motherhood. Why woman cannot have it all?

Shakuntala is a genius whose aim was clear from day one -become a ‘Bada Aadmi’, not a ‘Badi Aurat’! The prodigy’s difficult childhood gives way to the fame and riches of Shakuntala Devi’s ‘human computer’ cult. The movie takes an emotional turn as Shakuntala tries to focus on family and daughter.

Its all about loving your parents – famous words from Karan Johar. But Shakuntala Devi has challenges with her parents as well as with her only child Anupama. The movie spends more time on this, leaving other strands ignored.

It is good that Shakuntala was not presented as photoshopped and Instagram perfect figure. No one likes hagiography !!!

Yet one must not forget that this is one perspective and all heavily fictionalised. True life may remain a Paheli – as the song said!

There has been a discussion on her husband’s homosexuality. Pros and cons of her approach for not sending the girl to school. Yet she should have done a better job – but she was no ordinary lady! Maybe the sheer ambition and storm that she was – helped her to go from an obscure village to a global phenomenon!

Movies help us to discover these characters and ignite discussions to help us discover our true north. Learn both small things like snowflakes and big things like importance of following your passion! And try to avoid their mistakes! And make our own unique path!

The movie is a complete Vidya Balan show. Her powerhouse performance is the life of the movie – Showing all shades of Shakuntala – Genius. Ambitious. Confident. Strong. Independent. Vibrant. Charming. Brave. Powerful. Flawed. Imperfect. Human!

Vidya is ably supported by Sanya Malhotra and others. Strong editing and overall well presented. A good watch!!