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InfoStretch – The Partner To Rely On For Enterprise Moble Apps

InfoStretch, the leader in Mobile Solutions for Enterprise & Fortune Companies, continues to make news. One of the most read Silicon Valley publication, Silicon Valley San Jose Business Journal, recently acknowledged  the difference InfoStretch is making !

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Quick Excerpts:

THE BUSINESS: Infostretch Corp. develops software and software-as-a-service mobile applications for companies. It also manages the testing, distribution and certification of the apps across different app stores and smartphone operating systems.

CUSTOMERS: Infostretch has provided mobile applications for customers in industries ranging from the financial sector, health care and telecommunications industries. Some of its clients include T-Mobile USA Inc., Sony Corp. of America’s subsidiary Gracenote, Silicon Valley Bank Financial Group, The Body Shop International plc., Dolby Laboratories Inc., Carrier IQ Inc., Ingenuity Systems Inc., Aravo Solutions Inc., Minted LLC and TNS UK Ltd.

LONG-TERM GOAL: CEO Rutesh Shah said that Infostretch plans to expand into the United Kingdom, Australia, China and India within the next two to three years. Shah said this follows the positive experience of opening a new office in New York that pulled in six new clients after less than six months of operation. Shah said that India and China are targeted because of their growing pools of mobile-devices users.