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Gujaratilexicon – The Movement’s 15th Year!

Gujaratilexicon – The World’s Biggest Online Gujarati Language Resource – Enters 15th Year!

What started as a small idea to make a difference to Gujarati language, has evolved into a language movement! The world of Gujarati language and technology has evolved in the last fifteen years – from initial fonts, typing tools, dictionary and simple websites to presence of Gujarati content in all forms and on all devices.

Since its launch in 2006, Gujaratilexicon has grown into the default portal of Gujarati language lovers with more than 4 crore visitors and growing! The original Gujaratilexicon has been enriched with many shining projects like Digital Bhagwadogmandal, Sarth, Lok Kosh, Games, Mobile Apps, Oxford Collaboration etc. Team Gujaratilexicon has made a difference to several other Gujarati language initiatives and digital projects.

I still remember the day when I met Gujaratilexicon founder Shri Ratilal Chandaria – almost 16 years ago! The project has indeed seen all my major life milestones. It has introduced me to wonderful people like Shri Vipool Kalyani, Shri Uttam Gajjar, Shri Dhirubahen Patel, Shri Mansukh Shah, Shri Balvant Patel, Who’s Who of Gujarati World, Team Members of Gujaratilexicon and many friends for life!

The Jan 13 day is a special day and Team Gujaratilexicon Web reiterates ourselves to the original vision and mission.

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The Gujaratilexicon ‘Yagna’ continues