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Defining InfoStretch’s Mojo

All The Best To The InfoStretch Cricket League Teams. All The Best To Hackathon 2012 Participants.

Everyone is talking about the two events, which has helped the InfoStretch Brand as well. InfoStretch has made rapid strides in the recent times. People often ask me the mantra for our success. What has made InfoStretch a known brand ?What is InfoStretch’s Mojo? Difficult Question indeed !

InfoStretch has an unique and clear value proposition for the enterprise mobility world. Maybe that is the answer.

InfoStretch has an impregnable domain expertise and thought leadership in device certification. Maybe that is the answer.

InfoStretch has rich industry experience and impeccable knowledge in QA & Testing. Maybe that is the answer.

InfoStretch has a strong leadership team with visionary management and passionate caring Infoneers. That seems to be the real answer.

Infoneers are a sensitive lot with value for values ! They are the action-oriented individuals who want to be the agents of change. They strive to make a difference in the environment and the eco-system. It is reflected in the various initiatives taken up by Infoneers – voluntarily and selflessly !

One prime example is the Jeevan Sandhya visit. Infoneers donated their time, money and care to the senior citizens. Serving love and food, they brought smiles to our parental figures. More than the joy, the impact they made was phenomenal. One Infoneer spent a considerable time with four women, who poured their life stories and hardships to him. At the end of that tearful hour, a strong connect was made over ice-creams and lighter hearts. Another Infoneer talked about the gossip and cricket – normal things are more special for these citizens.

Manav Sadhana was another memorable and rich experience in the recent past. However, the passion of Infoneers is not just restricted to Social Initiatives. It is active in areas like Mobile Monday Ahmedabad and InfoStretch Cricket League as well. The former, where Infoneers are sharing their knowledge and experience to enrich the eco-system and create the rising talent for a rising Gujarat. The InfoStretch Cricket League is the reward to the local IT Companies to showcase their cricketing talent and compete for the glory. The league has received an overwhelming response even before the first bowl has been bowled. It speaks highly of our reputation and team’s hard work.

Finally, every Infoneer who finds that extra bug, every Infoneers who responds to the customer call at night, who codes that special magic on phone and who does the job right – is a winner. Each Infoneer is building and growing InfoStretch – one step at a time, one breath at a time !

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