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Wow ! Syncing N73 with Mac OS X

I had bought Nokia N73 recently and wanted to Sync my address book, photos and music with my Mac OS X. Nokia has Software Tools to enable all of the above but Apple Users are ignored by Nokia. Call it iPod Effect or Arrogance!

I read Manual of N73. No help!

So I Googled my problem. Voila! A wonderful blog named Urban Puddle is there to resolve all my queries.

There is a link to iSync Plugin developed by a German developer named Tom. iSync allows me to Sync my Address Book. It allows Syncs my calendar and associated events too. Great. The plugin is currently at version 2.6. How do you about it?

1. First download it.

2. Open the Folder Contents of iSync and drop the folder in Contents/Plugins/ApplePhoneConduit.syncdevice/Contents/Plugin.

3. Then Open iSync and let the Magic Happen!

The next wonderful application is called iTuneMyWalkman. This will syncs playlists in iTunes to your phone. It can also sync pdocasts and it is smart enought to take into account memory card space etc. It has a few limitations though. But whatever it provided me was totally amazing. I am happy and not greedy for more!

I had some problem installing iTuneMyWalkman. Read Me file was not very helpful to me. So I again Googled for help. And now I found PopGandhi to help me out. A comment help me there. It said:

When you connect your phone with the USB cable it will prompt you for which mode you want to take it into.

There’s Media Player, Lifeblog, etc, and “Mass Storage”.

Choose Mass Storage.

You will then see you phone mounted on your desktop.

When you start up itunemywalkman, to make it point to the actual path, click ‘change’ (as you mentioned) and WHILE your phone is mounted, simply navigate to where your phone is. Then go to Sounds -> Digital. That will change your path.
Urban Puddle also has instructions for connecting to Internet with Mac OS X using N73 Bluetooth.

Google is the answer to all our tech issues. Just search for it, apply your mind and enjoy!

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  2. Stu

    Thanks for your helpful article. I am still having a few problems. My sync works without the german guys pluggin but one problem I am having is that all my times in my phone calander do not match up with my computer. Have you got any ideas?