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Visual Dictionary Online

A new concept in Dictionary – Visual Dictionary!

Merriam Webster and QA International has created Visual Dictionary Online. It explains words and concepts with the help of images. It has 20,000 terms with contextual definitions and has 6,000 images from various subjects. It will be a great hit with people across all strata of the society.

It claims to be a dictionary with a new point of view that catches the eye and enriches the mind. According to the site:

The Visual Dictionary is designed to help you find the right word at a glance. Filled with stunning illustrations labeled with accurate terminology in up to six languages, it is the ideal language-learning and vocabulary dictionary for use at school, at home or at work.

When you know what something looks like but not what it’s called, or when you know the word but can’t picture the object, The Visual Dictionary has the answer. In a quick look, you can match the word to the image.

Visual Dictionary Online is a venture of QA International and Merriam Webster.

QA INTERNATIONAL creates a wide range of encyclopedias, practical guides, atlases and edutainment products intended for the whole family. Built around cutting-edge design, stunning illustrations and informative content, these works explore a world of facts and ideas in a dynamic and creative way.

The Visual Dictionary, which has become a global success with more than 8 million copies sold worldwide, is the premier achievement of QA INTERNATIONAL. Created 20 years ago, The Visual Dictionary has traveled from the illustrator’s drawing table to the computer screen and now onto the Internet.

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