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The Smartphone Opportunity

Mobile Phone has become the primary screen for everyone. Smartphones are increasing their market share due to falling handset, affordable fixed data plans and evolving users.

The Economic Times reported that the Indian national smartphone market is estimated to be around 4 lakh units, the market has been recession-proof and is growing at around 70-to-80 %. Globally, analyst firm Gartner has estimated that smartphone sales will grow by 29% in 2009 to reach 180 million units, overtaking notebooks in total unit terms. At present, smartphones account for 14% of over-all mobile phone sales but it is estimated to reach 37% by 2012.

PC Players like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus are betting on smartphones for further growth. The rise in smartphones will create a huge demand for Mobile Software. The App Store has already fuelled the imagination of marketers and created business opportunities by redefining the mobile world. Already all the leading Internet brands are available as mobile apps. The real winners will be companies who will focus on their business strengths and marry it with the possibilities of mobile platform to create successful opportunities. Like the local pathology lab which will provide free pickup of blood samples on receipt of SMS from customers and send an intimation to field staff. Technological changes create new winners !