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Mobile Trends 2020

TwentyTen is here ! What a decade it has been ! The Mobile World saw a plethora of changes. Many new technologies saw the light of the day. Chindia created a new pecking order in mobile subscribers ! New innovations represented the imaginative creativity of techgurus.

People have moved to the next milestone TwentyTwenty. One of such interesting and collaborative vision is represented in Mobile Trends 2020. Credit to RudyDW.

It speaks of all our favorite technologies and wish-list:

Augmented Reality
Emotions Based Social Search
Location Based Services
VOIP on CellPhones
Contextual Information
Innovative Mobile Designs
Mobile Apps Will Rule
Green Tech Phones
Mobile Battery Performance
Mobile Payments
Mobile Political Campaigns
Mobile Environment Monitoring
Mobile Health Care Delivery
Tablet Devices
Mobile Advertising
ESP Sensors
Implanted Bluetooth Ear and Microphone
Digital Garbage
Personal Digital Assistants

Let us see !

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