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IT Tools for 2007

Technology change is the only constant. The speed and breadth of technology change as only widened over the last decade. Today, many new and emerging technologies are competing for the attention of IT Leaders. CIOs are also hard-pressed to choose the right technology for their organization as technology is a competitive differentiator today.

Recently, The McKinsey Quarterly carried an article on that addresses the above topic – Two New Tools That CIOs Want. The two technologies identified to bet the future on are : ‘server virtualization’ and ‘software as a service’.


• Among the many new technologies competing for the attention of CIOs, two in particular—server virtualization and software as a service—are high on their radar screens and have a strong potential to bring real savings.
• Virtualization is a software technology that allows servers to run multiple operating systems, thus raising utilization rates. Software as a service is delivering savings of 20 to 40 percent and freeing some companies from the chore of maintaining certain common business applications.
• Together, these technologies signal a shift: instead of running programs on specific machines, companies are adopting a more flexible architecture that allows them to host and manage applications more efficiently.

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