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InfoStretch – Mob4Hire Offer Seamless Mobile Handset And Application Testing Solutions

Press Release of Our New Partnership:

InfoStretch, a global provider of outsourced mobile development, testing and certification services and Mob4Hire, the largest real world; crowd sourced testing and market research community for mobile apps, announced today that they have entered into a professional services agreement that will deliver effective and efficient mobile handset and application testing solutions for enterprise mobile developers. The agreement involves a co-marketing platform that will address the unique testing needs of enterprise mobile applications by offering a global reach of handset and application testing by real people, on real phones all around the world.

“As the age of the app store matures and grows, we are seeing more enterprise customers reaching out to us to add our unique offer to their development and testing needs,” said Stephen King, CEO, Mob4Hire. “Our partnership with InfoStretch adds depth and breadth to our offer and is a perfect complement for large projects that require additional strategic and project management value.” added King.

“We are thrilled to partner with Mob4Hire and be able to offer robust testing solutions to enterprise customers, who need comprehensive test coverage on global devices that are tested in real-time by real people in real locations,” said Rutesh Shah, CEO – InfoStretch Corporation. “What the enterprise customers are looking for today is to leverage the crowd sourcing platform with an expert partner like InfoStretch who manages all of the testing needs and can make strategic recommendations that will help enterprises reach into new markets efficiently. Together, we are offering improved service that will help customers reduce the cost and time required to do testing.” Shah added.

Mobile fragmentation is currently estimated to be a $3 billion problem. It occurs when mobile software developers are faced with the onerous task of ensuring that their software works properly on the 25,000 different handsets, 700 different networks and the multitude of operating systems, platforms and browsers. This requires detailed, location-specific testing on the part of the mobile developer community in order to bring their product to market. The plethora of mobile applications has created a tremendous groundswell of activity in mobile software, and companies such as Mob4Hire and InfoStretch have been created to help solve this daunting task.

About InfoStretch
InfoStretch is a leader in outsourced Mobile Application Development Testing and Certification Services. InfoStretch also specializes in Enterprise application Testing, QA and Test Automation Services with specific emphasis on Enteprise 2.0 and Cloud Infrastrufcutre based SaaS applications. InfoStretch delivers high-quality, reliable and cost effective services to clients throughout the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The company specializes in delivering outsourced business solutions that command deep technology knowledge, process proficiency and domain expertise.

For more information, visit http://www.infostretch.com

About Mob4Hire
With tens of thousands of mobile users on over 330 operators in 105 countries worldwide, Mob4Hire (http://www.mob4hire.com) is the largest real world; crowd sourced testing and market research community for mobile apps. By incorporating user feedback and in market testing to developers, we help make mobile software better. Mob4Hire significantly reduces mobile application testing costs and reduces time to market by connecting developers with eager, lower priced, crowd sourced testers and focus groups. Mob4Hire also provides their unique micro-payment crowd-sourced MAAP technology (Mob4Hire as a Platform) to developer networks and app stores such as O2 Litmus to allow for private labeled communities to be added to Carrier and Handset Manufacturer enterprise systems. Founded in 2007, Mob4Hire is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with offices in Victoria, British Columbia, and London, U.K.