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When Impregnable Outliers & Strongest Stars Get Disillusioned!

One of the most pivotal points of ‘The Scam 2003’ is the turnaround of an upright, ethical and faultless government officer Madhusudhan Mishra. The vrituous and disciplined soldier has been toiling for years but has been ignored and often overlooked for promotions. He turns away the conniving scamster protagonist Abul Karim Telgi and his bribes. In fact, he invites Telgi to his office and publicly humiliates him in front of the entire staff for attempting to corrupt the system. He is impregnable. 

Telgi is smart and ensures a promotion for the officer by greasing palms at the central government. The officer finally gets the promotion but he is devastated and unhappy. He questions that the system never saw decades of his work and loyalty. His entire career’s work was neglected but a scamster’s one act got him the promotion! His unhappiness and sense of bertrayal is real. On that fertile ground, Telgi ploughs his charisma and soft spoken charm to sow the seeds of his empire. By winning over Madhusudhan Mishra, he won a lottery and builds his network. 

What are the lessons?

Majority of the corporates and government offices work because of the diligent and righteous professionals. Failing to create a system that acknolwedges, respects and encourages these individuals is a recipe for sub optimal success. The top management and HR function believe that the people stay for the paychecks but the outliers are driven by their own professional values and moral compass. Extraordinary leaders like Rockerfeller, Carnegie, Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Tata, Narayan Murthy & Abdul Kalam shine as examples for pushing the envelope for a true meritoracy with human touch! 

What can one do as an indvidual? Be an ambassador for rewarding excellence and challenging the system for true causes. Communicate often and openly with team and acknowledge their contributions. The biggest paradox of love and respect is that it is earned, not begged for. One loses it the moment one asks for it. The corporate and personal world is full of skeletons of relationships that could have endured and thrived with a little more attention, communication and gratitude. 

And yes, Madhusudhan Mishra is based on the true character. Personally, I think Madhusudhan Mishra should have resigned and continued his journey….

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