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Bheja Fry : A Must See

I recently saw the movie Bheja Fry starring Vinay Pathak. It is a total laugh riot based on the French movie Le Diner De Cons.

The film is a welcome change from the recent crop of movies and stands on its own merit. The movie is a story of Rajat Kapoor and his friends who invite not-so-smart people for dinner and have fun at their expense. Vinay Pathak is their latest ‘talent’ but the tables are turned by Bharat Bhushan. His act of locking the suitcase, showcasing his portfolio, eagerness to make a phone call and please are wonderfully beautiful. When he says “Idiots are also human being” you cannot stop laughing and applauding Vinay Pathak. He carries the film on his own shoulders and is very natural.

Vinay Pathak’s acting, strong script and director Sagar Ballary’s brilliant debut make it a must watch. Ranvir Sheorey and Rajat Kapoor do a great supporting act. Sarika and Bhairavi are wasted. The music is OK.

Bheja Fry is another multiplex film and will do well in urban centres. Produced at a modest budget, this movie will make good money for all involved.

Watch it. It is a ‘must see’ film.

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