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Om Shanti Om – Wonderful Dry Fruit Pav Bhaji!

Have you eaten Dry Fruit Pav Bhaji?

– It has assortment of Dry Fruits

– Everyone try it

– It is expensive

– It lacks the taste of Regular Pav Bhaji

– It fills the tummy but does not satisfy you


Well, Om Shanti Om is one Dry Fruit Pav Bhaji. Om Shanti Om is watchable. OSO is an entertaining fun-filled movie. One comes out of the theatre with lots of smile. And that is OSO’s victory – good 150 minutes of pure fun. Nothing beyond that. 


Om Shanti Om is a movie only SRK can carry off. Only he can get such an assortment of Stars for his movie. Only he can carry off such spoofs. Only he can laugh at himself. And that is a big thing!


I liked the following one liners / acts:


1. Kirron Kher is rehearsing to confront Arjun Rampal in second half during the launch of Om Shanti Om. Shreyas tells SRK – Mom is overacting. SRK – Yeh to hamari family problem hai!


2. Arjun Rampal telling Satish Shah that ultimately it is the Manmohan Desai shot that will work. 


3. Spoof on Suraj Barjatya


4. Filmfare Awards Spoof – SRK in Phir Bhi Dil Hai NRI, Return of Khiladi, Dhoom 5


5. Overacting and hamming of Kirron Kher in first half. 


It is an SRK movie all the way. The real Pav Bhaji or plot is really incidental to the movie. Logic is definitely out.


The movie is by, for and of SRK. Deepika Padukone is a wonderful beauty and shows great promise in the limited screen presence. Shreyas Talpade is brilliant and shows his ability to transcend into out and out glamour films from offbeat roles. Arjun Rampal, Kirron Kher and Bindu are all predictable. 


The music is good. The mega star cast video looks good and sounds good as well. Surprisingly, Dard E Disco makes SRK look odd – leave those moves for John and Hrithik. Art direction, cinematography, costumes are all upto the expected high levels. One big question – did this movie need a director? Did Farah Khan do anything here?


Om Shanti Om is a movie all of us will watch. Reviews are irrelevant. Anyway, I thought most of the reviews were too generous. Overall the movie is all of hype and hoopla. It is over the top unadulterated SRK entertainer. People will watch if for SRK. And come home entertained. Most of us watch movie for entertainment anyways!




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