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Kantara Review: “wooooooaaaav”  Insanely WOW! 

Kantara Review: “wooooooaaaav”  Insanely WOW! 

Kantara is a must watch movie! A true cinematic experience that deserves a big screen immersion! 

Kantara is an outstanding mesh of visual extravaganza, creative storytelling and mind blowing performances! Full credit to actor director writer Rishabh Shetty for staying true to local milieu & rustic taste while avoiding the temptation to masculinize the movie like the recent southern potboilers. 

Kantara brings together diverse threads to create a unique fabric:

– Human being’s search for peace and sukoon

– Local beliefs and culture 

– Human greed and nature’s bounty

– Human rights and rule of law

Technically world-class, sensitive treatment, awesome cinematography and powerful vivid music take us straight to the coastal Karnataka life – the Bhoot Kala festival, the Kambala event, wild boar hunting etc. Daiva’s scream guarantees goosebumps!  

The last fifteen minutes have taken the movie to next level with Rishabh’s performance – the climax will keep people talking for a long time! 

Kantra – Watch it – The power of cinema that will stay on….

And yes, if you love Kantara, do not forget to watch Tumbadd – one of India’s finest movie! And the one I rate  one notch higher than Kantara!