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The iPhone Is Here!

The much awaited iPhone is finally here in India. This is what all Apple fans and tech geeks were waiting for!

However, the first dampener has been the extremely high price – Rs 31000 and Rs 36000. We understand Apple’s Price Skimming Strategy. We also understand that the phone is not bundled with a revenue plan as India’s ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) are one of the lowest in the world. However, despite these facts, the price is high.

India is a great opportunity. Nokia and LG have been smart marketers to understand the Indian consumer’s value for money approach and created fortunes. C K Prahlad’s ‘Bottom Of Pyramid’ strategy works for the great Indian middle class as well.

Apple can view India as a great opportunity. Had iPhone between priced at less than Rs 15,000, it would changed the market. It would also have led to growth of iPhone Applications and unique Indian innovations around it.

iPhone debuted yesterday and the media is cluttered with news on iPhone. Here are refreshing and interesting notes on iPhone:

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  1. very true. i had always beleived that iphone will come in the range of 15-16K..31K is too expensive and people have given their feedback. in yesterday’s launch in delhi there were hardly few takers for the iphone…prices should fall to 15K

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