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InfoStretch Releases The Most Advanced Version Of Mobile Certification Solution Till Date

Santa Clara, California – October 5, 2011

InfoStretch Releases Advanced version of its Mobile Certification Solution – QMetry Cert-ACE (Advance Certification Engine) for App Stores at Starwest 2011 conference

InfoStretch Corporation, a leading provider of mobile development and testing solutions, today announced that it has further enhanced its state-of-the-art mobile app store certification solution- QMetry Cert. The new version – QMetry Cert-ACE (Advance Certification Engine) will help app stores streamline the app certification process and deliver high quality applications to the end users.

“We developed this solution to cater to the unique needs of app stores that are focused on delivering not only quantity, but also high quality of applications and content to their end users” said Manish Mistry, VP of Mobile Solutions at InfoStretch “Our experience of working with top app stores and testing thousands of applications helped us to identify the exact pain points of app stores and after years of R&D, we are proud to present an advanced version of QMetry Cert-ACE, which will make the mobile world more reliable and quality driven”.
QMetry Cert-ACE is based on InfoStretch’s popular test management platform – QMetry. Defining test cases for different apps/content and then allocating them to various combinations of platforms, devices and vendors can be an extremely laborious task. QMetry Cert-ACE not only automates this entire process, but also gives app stores the complete visibility through advanced reports and an integrated dashboard. Several top app stores have adopted QMetry Cert-ACE into their testing and certification programs, and are already experiencing an increased ROI. QMetry Cert can easily be customized as per the needs and processes of a particular app store to enable streamlined app/content screening process as well as implement ongoing monitoring to ensure end-user experience.

“App Stores need to attract developers, and for that they need to simplify the app submission process and ensure a quick turnaround time while not compromising the quality” said Mistry “QMetry Cert-ACE will help app stores to enhance their certification programs to attract not only more developers, but also gain customer trust with ongoing monitoring.”

QMetry Cert-ACE supports testing and certification of applications on all platforms and devices, including smartphones as well as tablets and netbooks. InfoStretch will showcase QMetry Cert-ACE at Starwest-2011 Conference in Anaheim this October. A demo of QMetry Cert-ACE can also be seen by sending a request to info@infostretch.com.

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