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InfoStretch Announces MobiXpert

InfoStretch Announces MobiXpertTM – an On Demand Mobile Testing Solution as a Secure and Cost Effective Alternative to Crowd Sourced Mobile Testing

Santa Clara, July 30th, 2012– InfoStretch, a leading provider of enterprise QA and mobile solutions announced MobiXpertTM, an on demand, secure, easy to use mobile testing service for enterprise developers. MobiXpertTM will test any application in a few easy steps. All users would need to do is to choose the type of test, the devices across various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, and submit the app for testing.

InfoStretch has designed this solution to mitigate risks which usually occur during engagements with crowdsourcers and mobile cloud platform providers. “Our value proposition with this service is to provide 100% secure testing on real devices at an affordable price”, says Rutesh Shah, President and CEO at InfoStretch. “We solved the device testing problem for Enterprise customers with MobiXpertTM – our test labs have more than 3,000 pre and post market devices, and we have successfully tested more than 100,000 apps on them for app stores. And now, we are bringing the benefits of the same to other Enterprises,” he added.

MobiXpertTM beats the Android fragmentation with its real device testing, and offers short cycle times, multiple language support, access to a team of certified mobile experts, and a very simple and secure interface.

“Our newest solution MobiXpertTM is to help small and medium enterprises who are thinking about mobility. We will leverage our lab equipped with real devices and our mobile testing expertise to help solve the device fragmentation problem during testing”, says Manish Mistry, VP of Mobile Services at InfoStretch. “This solution will disrupt the mobile testing marketplace no doubt, mainly because it provides a secured and cost effective alternative to crowdsourcing, and can offer managed testing as part of SDLC”, he added.

For more information on what is MobiXpertTM and how it works please click here. If you would like submit your app to MobiXpertTM, visit our MobiXpert portal

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