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Vibrant Gujarati : Launch Of Global GujaratiLexicon

Gujaratilexicon completed 6 years of remarkable journey on 13th January 2013. On this auspicious occasion, Gujaratilexicon introduced Global Gujaratilexicon – a vision to bridge Gujarati with the leading global languages of the world.

The world is becoming a global village. Our Gujarati friends have made their mark across the world and made us proud. Our Gujarati friends are now looking east and have developed strong relations with China and Japan. Gujaratilexicon is looking to cater to the language needs of these friends and help them.

Global Gujaratilexicon has been launched with Gujarati-Japanese and Gujarati-Chinese lexical resources. The project is launched with the 5000 Gujarati – Japanese and Gujarati – Chinese words in Phase I. The website will help Gujarati – Japanese – Chinese businessmen, students, researchers, translators and tourist to find words in a single Click.

Japanese and Chinese Businessmen will find that ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ has ‘Vibrant Gujarati’ as well !

Global Gujaratilexicon search result will display Gujarati word and its English and Japanese – Romaji meaning along with the pronunciation in Gujarati. The same feature is available for the Chinese words. Website also offers converted sentences for basic day-to-day communication.

For instance, if we want to Thank Anyone in Gujarati, we will say ‘તમારો આભાર’ and in English ‘Thank You’, what if we want to repeat the same in Japanese and Chinese ! The answer will be ‘Arigatō gozaimasu’ (‘આરીગાતો ગોઝાઇમાસ’) and ‘Xièxie’ (’શીએશીએ’).

The success of the Global Gujaratilexicon is a vindication of a 90 year young visionary, Shri R P Chandaria. His relentless passion and missionary zeal for language moved across continents and organizations. The launch of Gujaratilexicon on Jan 13, 2006 as a megalanguage portal was a starting point of ongoing language initiatives. Saras Spellchecker, Bhagwadgomandal, Lok-Kosh, Crossword, Quiz, GL Gems, Kids Games have enlarged the vision.

In addition to these, Gujaratilexicon has 13 New Ideas for Year 2013 :

1. Gujarati – Japanese Dictionary
2. Gujarati – Chinese Dictionary
3. GL YouTube Channel
4. New Games
5. Gujaratilexicon Mobile Application
6. Graphical Interface Of GL Web Portal
7. Law Dictionary
8. Medical Dictionary
9. Technical Dictionary
10. Sanskrit – Gujarati Dictionary
11. Urdu – Gujarati Dictionary
12. Graphical Computer Ni Clicke
13. GL Books

Gujaratilexicon is inspired to continue our vision of modernizing and spreading Gujarati Language through adoption of latest technology. Gujaratilexicon Team is looking forward to cater Techno-Language projects to the Gujarati Lovers in the year 2013.