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The New Features of GujaratiLexicon.Com

The entire GL Team is elated with the overwhelming response to the new look of GujaratiLexicon.com. We thank you for your support and feedback. 

Let me give a brief overview of the new features on GujaratiLexicon. 

1. Easy and Quick Search:                                           

Now, searching for words is easier and quicker than ever! Directly, enter the word in text box on the GujaratiLexicon.com home page itself and get the results. 

Happy Searching…!

2. New GujaratiLexicon.com Interface:

The new and improved user interface of GujaratiLexicon site is designed to improve the user experience. All the relevant information is categorized together. The new interface is quick with easy navigation and allows users to search words, play online quiz, read best of Gujarati literature and lot more! Experience it to believe it! 

3. Automatic Gujarati Phonetic Keyboard:

The new GujaratiLexicon site comes with default Gujarati phonetic keyboard for input. Thus the user can directly start writing in Gujarati without changing language support on his computer.

4. Web Keyboard:

Gujaratilexicon offers Web Keyboard to help you get the right word. Even if your computer does not have Gujarati support, you can use new GujaratiLexicon.

The user can type the text in the Web Keyboard by clicking the mouse and get the desired text on screen. This text can be than used in the search box.  

5. Word of the Day:

You love GujaratiLexicon. Do you want to get ‘GL Word Of The Day’ in email? The new Gujaratilexicon allows you to get this wonderful feature. Just subscribe and you will get ‘GL Word Of The Day’ in your mailbox.

6. One Click Download

Fewer Clicks. More Action. 

Download all the GujaratiLexicon Language Resources free at a single click. You can download GL installer and run the installer to setup GL on your PC. Download Saras Spellchecker, Fonts, and Keyboard Layouts etc from GL Download Section.

7. Online Gujarati Literatures:

The leading Gujarati Literature is available freely on GujaratiLexicon site. Fans of Sunday eMahefil, Opinion, Matrubhasha can relish on their favourite articles online. Even Media Room has literary gems like Dhirubahen Patel’s Speech. 

8. Attractive Interface for Online Quiz: 

Quick Quiz is a favorite with young and elders alike. The Online Version of Quick Quiz is more powerful with an attractive user-friendly interface. 

Play Quick Quiz Online, test your knowledge and improve your Gujarati vocabulary!

9. Integrate GL on Site / Blog:

Everyone loves GujaratiLexicon. Want to integrate GujaratiLexicon on your own site or blog? Want to promote GujaratiLexicon? Well, things are very easy now. You can integrate GujaratiLexicon API to your site in Developers Section. 

10. Dynamic Content on Homepage:

Lovers of GujaratiLexicon can view the dynamic content on GL home page for Opposite Words, Idioms, Thesaurus and Word of The Day, thereby increasing your Gujarati language knowledge.

11. Online Help Videos :

Do you face any problem using GujaratiLexicon? And you hate reading manuals and long instructions? Do not worry!

The new GujaratiLexicon site had Online Videos and Demos for learning GujaratLexicon – How to use application, How to write words using different conjunct characters, How to use GL site. 

Happy Browsing!

  1. hey plz help me,let me know,how to write in textbox in Gujarati language.

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