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Gujaratilexicon Unveils A New User Interface

Gujaratilexicon.Com Unveils A Cool New User Interface

Gujaratilexicon, the most comprehensive Gujarati language portal on the internet, unveiled a cool new user interface. The new avatar of GL is a complete redefinition with new logo, attractive design and enhanced features. The new design is a fusion of contemporary user experience trends with Gujaratilexicon’s strong content.

The salient features of the new site are:
1. Easy To Use User Interface: The new Gujarati Lexicon design is an efficient interface that offers priority to most used features of the module. The frequently performed tasks are to be made easier in the new UI with reduced steps or by enhanced priority on the module – in terms of pages navigated, clicks used and time required to perform the task. The easier flow of gathering information also reduces the unwanted time in gathering the information.
2. Enhanced Look And Feel: The UI redesign brings forward a fresh look and feel of the module. This includes new brand identity for Gujarati Lexicon as well as building new elements in design which are in coherence with this new identity.
3. New Logo: The new logo brings forward a modern touch with color and vibrancy. The logo is an experiment with typography that depicts building bridges between languages and cultures. The english alpahabets G and L are used to form Gujarati letter ‘અ’.
4. Specialized Dictionaries

The Project Gujaratilexicon started as an individual and humble effort to contribute to Gujarati language. Founder Shri Ratilal Chandaria’s love for mother tongue has today taken the shape of the most global and popular Gujarati Language initiative – Gujaratilexicon has thousands of users visiting it daily from 100 plus countries!

Dr. Ashok Karania, Mentor of said, “The new design is a tribute to the Gujaratilexicon Founder Shri Ratilal Chandaria’s zeal for continuous improvement. He always believed in staying ahead of the technology curve and ensured that Gujarati language user always accessed the most modern and world-class technological innovations. The new site is optimized for all devices including latest tablets and smartphones. The Gujaratilexicon movement is spreading and attracting new users across the globe. People from all walks of life have adopted, loved and recommended Gujaratilexicon. GL Mobile Apps, Games and Bhagwadgomandal continue to made rapid strides in the Gujarati hearts. “

Ms Maitri Shah, Director said: “ Gujaratilexicon is committed to provide the Gujarati computer user with all the latest tools in Gujarati and reach all the Gujaratis in the world. The Phase 2 of the new design will connect all Gujarati lovers through a community portal. We are also working on new initiatives like Swahili Dictionary and new Mobile Apps. We have also revamped our customer support through better ticketing system and responsive support. Gujaratilexicon ensures that Gujarati Language is as Vibrant as our Vibrant Gujarat state.“

Gujaratilexicon’s vision is simple: Preserving, Nurturing & Promoting Gujarati Language & Lexical Resources Through The Use of World-Class & Contemporary Technological Tools.

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